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Hello !
The game looks really neat, and by the graphics I hoped to enjoy it on my netbook, but it seems it requires a 64 bit CPU !

Will you make a 32 bit build one day ? if not I'll have to wait a couple of months before trying it back at home ...

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Sorry for the late reply.

Not many of us have much spare time as of late so this isn't likely to happen soon. But hey, you never know.


where is the combat

Although its a very short game, I had much fun playing it. I think if you add more levels with new features it could be a realy amazing game.

Meh needs fighting


Wow... Amazing game! Very short, if you expanded this to have lots of different levels you'd probably be able to get it onto Steam. It is amazing.


Thank you!

We are currently working towards adding a whole bunch of new levels and possibly adding even more puzzle mechanics!


Great work! I always love seeing unique visual styles made very simply. Really great atmosphere in this, and the sound design is pretty good too! I'm excited to see your work moving forward


Hi, don't want to be dense but will you make a 32b release?


Hey, sorry for the inconvenience.
We'll probably start looking at building for x32 tomorrow.
Check back in a few days and hopefully there'll build ready and waiting

Thanks :)


Awesome! The game seems really good and it's a shame not to play it (also, i'm a lazy person who doesn't install a 64b win :P)

Thanks to you